“I am not equipped for that, materially or intellectually”

Material immaterial 
intellect infected 
pharmacia demented 
the lost and enchanted still dance through the night
while the sounds of invisibles bleed inside heads 
there no preparation for no concentration except for the notion that bottomless oceans surround you I we us all 

For all our lives, which truth? Whose lie?
There was no black belt, All champions die
Determination and Will sometime provide
But steel still cries
Razors cut skin 
Heart deep need knives
Sharpening stones and honor in life
Are things that will kill you 
The horrors inside are there, not there, true, false
Bruised and confused must persistently crawl
Through tunnels of glass
Feet, knees, hands, jaw
Embedded with shards, living so far
From the boundary set forth by nothing at all
Burn intellect, overdose, neglect, reject the idea that seem most correct
Material is not real
flow fast, don’t think but feel, 
React when we drowning, strike at the dreaming
Rip off your clothes and run drinking all evening
Some never make it, some never try
Almost all that you know are not really alive
Equipped is bullshit, just dive in, don’t quit
If survival is fittest then no one else dies


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