Prom queen 2014

Prom queen Miss America
Mass hysteria
Do you give a fuck?
If you do I just
Say Fucking kill yourself
Or please adjust
The dial on your brain, it ain’t up high enough
But if you need to finish the job
Say fuck that mob?
Lobotomize your head
Careful don’t shoot dead
Don’t just shoot once
We Wanna hear those shells
Hit the floor, out the door
You the Belle of Hell
Go rain down hatred through tears on that scene
Tear up the screen, the facade is now seen
Through. There is no queen
There is no king
No master no equal be your own fucking thing
Won’t no bell ring
That you ever will hear when you gone so just bring everything
That you can while you here
Give up on bullshit they try to make you care
About. Break mouths.
Bloody knuckles no game no more
They to silence them shouts


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