Charismatic megafauna meat poem 82829

Pain is life brah
Grab the pin
Stick inside
Feel it slide
Ride the train until you die

Is da motive
Charging forward
Kill the stalwarts

If you die? Resurrect.
Stick a needle in your neck

Flush da brain but pain remains
Lifting shit a heavy game

Driving millions and millions of posers insane

Why can’t they get bigger?

Why can’t they be faster?

Cuz they don’t listen to themselves
Just a sack of false masters
Gurus that me you and
Anyone else who
looks for half a second
Can see through subterfuge

Eat the test, smoke the win
Become the world’s champion
Trenbolone take you home
Gimme a gram and bring da sins

22s or 23s
Scar tissue bring you to your knees
25s or 27s?
Motherfuckers sound like heaven

Live this life
Never tie
Only one gets out alive


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