Who is he?
Some would say no one
Some say grab your guns
Some say “the mark he left on me keep goin and goin”
Are we no one?
Are you someone?
Is any someone out there
Then let’s go have fun
Burn down some buildings

Play in the fire
Choke each other with wires
Tied between our necks close
Am I a liar?

Am I your id? Or am I your ego?
Maybe I is all dem things
Flying high as an eagle
C’mon now we go…

On another rampage
Covered in soot
Takin off our clothes
Now we runnin barefoot

Through the city
So pretty, what we did
Lit up the sky
Brighter than it should

Have been in da first place
Sun losing dis race
Arson fucking burning learning
Knowledge churning

Who are we?
It don’t even matter we just ended it all, see?


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