might scream

scream from your diaphragm
Scream out your lungs
Scream like a tweeker without any drugs
scream from your mind
Scream it outside
scream until silence fills you inside
scream until everyone near you has died
Scream out their eulogies
Scream out a hymn
Scream up at blue skies
Scream on a whim
Scream from the shattering bones in your shins
scream out at the loss of her, him or them
Scream when you know you just can’t scream again
Scream at your most optimistic friend
Scream that they fucked and don’t know what’s what
Scream until police and crisis shows up
Scream fuck the police right into the face
Of da gnarliest pig showin up at your place
Scream from the podium
Scream from the back of the race
Scream at false idols
scream lacking grace
Scream from your heart
Scream out the truth
Scream as you see things ’cause you gotta be you


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