Magical bodies crave magical vengeance

legit crave

party, rave
while they dig they own grave
no god saves

no ghost haunts
You dead motherfucker, it was all 4 naught
You don’t come back, you don’t move on
Your eyes never open up to another dawn

Vengeance at hand, Hourglass sand, Your throat in H3R hand
No oxygen in you, time’s up, you can no longer stand

Fall back, right into the hole
Get accustomed to da taste of top soil
As you finally die, no law foils
Well-planned vengeance slippery as oil

The suffered fate
Pulse slows steady, a comatose state
Peace and love through violent means, get rid of da hate

Too exhausted to cry out in anguish
Too wrong to even know what you did
Too breathless and brainless
No one going to miss



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