Crush up on you
Roll you up
Light you up
Now Breathe you in
Start to get dat feel again
Start to feel da goosebumps on your skin

Walls closin in
I’m feelin now
I’m feelin high
Hands spread your thighs, temperatures rise
102 degrees da start for You and I
Grab your hair and I’m deep inside

Take your body first, but comin for your mind

Open up for me…
That not far enough for me
Open farther than you ever thought open could be
You see what I see
Now cum for me

Cum a million times
I can’t stop I’m inclined
To keep goin and goin and goin til we die
I decline

To follow orders
Crumble the nation, remove the borders
A jesus can’t stop us
Listen to dat extraterrestrial chorus
Glittering stardust on our knees As they stand watching before us

Strain yours, strain mine
Bend da fabric of time
Exposed and fine, exploding lines

Boundaries dissolved
Chaos transfused, but no mysteries solved

Yet some shit resolved
When we smashed through the wall
Ripping up the hall
Scorched earth napalm sticks
Make your real life seem like nothin at all
Wolves dare not call
Our cries through the night have stifled em all

Chained to a cyclone, neck to neck
Collars tethered bring your hardest kiss
Smash your mouth into mine
This is what it is
This is what it comes to
No reality no planet
Just moments to be into


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