Bed knife

Oh that?

It’s just my bed knife
The one I’m gonna use to thrust into your eye
Watch da good eye cry

Then I take that bed knife, carve you up like pie
So many pieces
You is da weakest
Murder victim my bed knife ever craved a feast with

Gave up so easy
Cooked up so greasy
Entice the cop into your bed it gonna get queasy

Eat all that pork pie down
Disgusting fatty gurgling sounds
911 sound da alarm
Officer down, he could not run

She cuffed his hands up to da post
Shoved that mag light down his throat
Eye bled out while gruesome chokes,
He gagged so rag stuffed while he died

Into his mouth, the laws are lies
Enemies are at bedsides
Enforcing nightmares
Charging fright fares

Giving no cares
To Right, to wrong
Too light not strong
Reasoning sharpens blades all day long

Lie in wait, ring the gong
Throw da salt, Game on
Stab da knife til metal’s gone
Into the skull, sinus, brain
Until only the handle grains

Spattered but unchanged
You electrified now, unchained
Reprogram to live sane

Escape the law
Escape the flaws
Escape the fucking filthy claws
Of those who think they beyond law
Of those who dare open they maws
And not give pause
Hope for applause
From the masters that they saw

As idols
So idle, wait til the shot ideal
You feel?
Surging in your veins,
Heartbeat feelin real

Cuz they wear a badge
Fuck now this get rad
Stab stab stab til cold cold slabs
Support dead weight
Support meth labs

Support ketamine thieves off in da night
Hiding in bushes, stars burning bright

Support cocaine dealers with submarine fleets
Support ganja traffickers using their feet
Support the steroids my friend sold to police
Support the thug born with the least

Born with no chance
Born with only the very last
Vestige of freedom
Free of slavery to systematic capitalism
You don’t need to burn the system
It blew up so long ago
It just so big it still existing
If you listening, knife glistenin

It don’t make me sick
I expect the very worst and never disappointed
If you think around you all is good, I tell you it all slick
Deep and thick
Seems impenetrable but we inside it

While it implodes
We don’t escape
That ship could never sail
It was always too late
Humanity a motherfucker, doom our prom date

So if I say one thing here
To cop wives it should be clear
Your motherfucker is the enemy
Of positive flow

Do us all right
Let us all grow, let us all slow
Down from fear of oppressors
But because they are no mo

Make sure the edge is sharp enough, your handle rigid
Sometimes you only get one chance
And this one is big, knife slid, knife hid, knife pig

He must go
He must go
He must go

That bed knife is perfect you know.


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