Observatory 1-9-7-7 r.m.m.r.

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Destruction burns
Crumbling buildings
Crumbling words
Rumbling worlds
Spin into the fire
Spit into the heat
Into the mouth of those at your feet
Create a place
Construct a thing
Release a person
From death’s dream
Prison cell
Figurative or real
Literal transistor signal
Reaching out
Feeling in
Beyond, beside, here now gone
Was always there but never true
Were always true and always you?
Or never you?
Future past
Primitive blues
Top of the mountain
Fall to the sea
Oceans afire
Burning you please
Burning my knees
Ripping and gripping
Down down down down
Under the surface
Minutes pass, drown
Peace under fire, pressure of depth
Achieve stillness at death
Could not while awake
Float on through the age that comes next



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