Bitter Bitch 10-1-1-10-10-1-1-10

Takes a bitter bitch
To drain the wytch
Of all her blood and life
To take up arms
Grab that handle
Machete chop and slice

A snake crawl out
Blue and Swole
You eat him whole
Bitterness been an empty meal

Need da serpents, need black arts
To just get by amongst these fucks

Watch the wytch’s face in pain
Smile, some bitter fades away
Grab your bag
Serrated, better blades all day

Take her pieces
Mix em up
Serve with acid in a cup

Chase with semen from a toad
Go wherever dis trip goes
Bitter bitch, feel it flow
Bitter bitch, head to toe

Wytches die, weakest cunts
Blackest magic stopped by cuts
Make a ribbon outta guts
Wear in hair, some say “nuts”

Bitter bitch walk down the street
Dripping wytch blood, eyes of creeps
Try to stare but avert when seen
Bitter make covers of magazines
Bitter make lovers of cold machines
Better make love, Incubus unseen

Wytch murder summons
From where he dwells
He comes by invitation but never will tell
What he took from you
And what he gave
Bitter bitch, take that all to the grave
Bitter bitch, devour the truth which you crave

Felt in the night
Leaving you right
Trails glow purple as you share your time
Grails overflow with iron rich wine
Bitter Bitch, Incubus comes you unwind
Cums always inside
Drums beat in your mind
Incubus take you, but not a straight line


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