Is Victor Conte a Genius? Or just another snitch?

Anthony Roberts Blog

Well, to be honest, I never thought much of his advice on performance enhancing drugs. Everyone knows that GH is undetectable, as is insulin, so those are no-brainers. EPO is easily hidden too, for the most part. So looking at those drugs, they’re a no brainer. No special genius is involved in giving that kind of thing to an athlete. The remaining drugs in his cocktail are Test/Epitest (the Cream) and THG (the Clear), norbolethone and modafinil. Patrick Arnold was the guy responsible for the last 4 of those drugs, although the only really unique find those 4 were the THG and norbolethone…Modafinil was on the scene for years already, and Test/Epitest combinations had been used for decades…the East Germans even had the idea in use by the late 60’s/early 70’s.

So, while Conte was responsible for actually selling the drugs to the athletes, he didn’t come up with anything revolutionary, and…

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