BLACK HAND PATH – HERE I AM [Download + Video]

Blackhandpath is what’s up

Outskirt Noise



But a necessity.

When you describe yourself as Chief Keef’s only cover band, you have to be a bit out of the ordinary, right? But see, that’s where Richmond, Virginia’s Black Hand Path amps it up a notch. Not twitter drama or any publicity stunts, but organic, beautifully hellish music that is as directionless as a substitute teacher in a gym class.

But don’t take that as a swipe at the concealed identities of the duo made up of young kozy and bileblaster. They are in complete control of the organized bedlam that is Black Hand Path. When I first came across them back in March from their then single “Don’t Choke”;  while praising them  for their free spirited and deranged trek into the  waters of noise, punk and hip-hop, I was a bit worried that they would be pigeon held as if they were apart of a…

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