31 Days of Horror 2014, Day 26: Kwaidan

The New Flesh

This film is fairly high on my list of favorite movies. Kwaidan is stunningly gorgeous, especially whenever the set design is considered, because all of the sets were built indoors (with a couple of obvious exceptions). The sound of the movie also does a lot to add to the atmosphere, utilizing the absence of sound in order to achieve a sense of discomfort. All of this is achieved in 1964, which I think makes the film even more remarkable. I wish more modern films to a cue from artworks like this one. Today I had the chance to share it with my students, since many of the storytelling and visual elements of the movie reflect the style of traditional Kabuki theatre. A double bonus: it also happens to be an incredibly creepy delivery, which my students have now deemed “spooky kabuki”. I approve.


Rather than take you through all of…

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