How Mexican drug cartels are reacting to marijuana legalization in the U.S.


Mexican cartels are often compared to corporations. And in some ways they are. Like any international business, they are constantly innovating and adapting to compete in one of the fiercest capitalist markets of all: the transnational drug trade.

Legalization advocates argue that Mexican cartels are taking a hit from the gradual legalization of marijuana in the United States, which has allowed U.S. consumers in a handful of states to purchase domestically grown weed. While some analysts remain skeptical about the impact legalization is having on the overall cartel business, there are indications that these criminal organizations are adjusting to shifts in the marketplace by targeting domestic consumption, diversifying their product offering, and tapping unexploited areas of criminal opportunity.

“Approximately 30 percent of cartels’ drug export revenues come from marijuana,” Mexican security analyst Alejandro Hope told Fusion. “In the long term, Mexican marijuana could be displaced by legal production in the…

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WWE Will Re-Release Two Classic WWF Albums For Record Store Day 2015


the wrestling album

Great news, wrestlenerds! Record Store Day 2015 will see two fancy vinyl re-releases relevant to your interests. Well, if you’re Wade Barrett, that re-release of The Holy Bible probably makes three.

This RSD 2015 release brings The Wrestling Album and Piledriver: The Wrestling Album 2 together as a 2LP collection, in a handsome spiral-bound jacket, celebrating a golden era in American pro wrestling mania. Originally released by the World Wrestling Federation in 1985, The Wrestling Album features tracks produced by Rick Derringer, David Wolff, Jim Steinman (Bat Out of Hell) and “Mona Flambe” (Cyndi Lauper, who contributes backing vocals on “Real American”); the album is comprised of theme music for wrestlers on the WWF (now the WWE) roster at the time. The 1987 follow-up, Piledriver: The Wrestling Album 2 showcases vocal performances from the wrestlers themselves, including “Stand Back” by Vince McMahon and “If You Only Knew” by The WWF…

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