Heroin in Tahiti ~ Sun and Violence

a closer listen

HiTOn Sun and Violence, Heroin in Tahiti step out of the cool shade, substituting it for a scorching inferno. This is the band who gave us the seductive, yet bleakly pessimistic sound of instrumental death surf; a full throttle, dark and sultry reincarnation of surf rock. It’s surf music for a broken generation, the kind that can’t find any kind of solace. The sandy beach and the glistening waterfront have seen better days.

Surf’s long been in a state of caged slumber, but now it’s morphed into a different beast. The name gives it away – death surf is brutally dark music, and its terror is ever-present. Amity Island experienced the same thing forty or so years ago. In death surf, you won’t see any beautiful girls and there aren’t any surfers to ride the waves. There isn’t a surf-inspired, bright chord progression on the hazy horizon, but in a way little has…

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