10 classics from the dawn of ambient music

Make Your Own Taste

I swear this blog isn’t going to turn into an endless series of lists, but this idea appealed to me. The ambient genre wasn’t really “born” till the 1980s, when the term became widely used. New Age was already basically in existence, ambient music’s maligned sibling. Though as we all know, the lines between the two are often blurred. Ambient was born, really, from experimentation with new technologies in the 1970s as well as the absorption of new musical influences from other genres and places. Drones, once limited in Western music to avant garde tape loop compositions, now became accepted in the post-hippie world. Krautrock bands, raga-rock bands and other experimental rock musicians stretched the limits of their compositions, jamming as long as they pleased. Lonely keyboard players with access to the newest gear sat around noodling and meditating and inventing. Visionaries like Eno and Fripp started theorizing about the…

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