I’m A Cruiser: Tom of Finland’s Subcultural Smut At Artists Space

Filthy Dreams

Tom of Finland, Untitled, 1976, Collection Ulrich Tangermann, Hamburg (all images via Artists Space) Tom of Finland, Untitled, 1976, Collection Ulrich Tangermann, Hamburg (all images via Artists Space)

As the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage this week, everyone on the Twitters was declaring #LoveWins. Well, maybe, but let’s remember that love doesn’t just win in chapels and courthouses. Love can also win in sex clubs and bathhouses, in parks and public restrooms. Like John Waters says, I miss perverts! Well, what better way to celebrating sleaze with the father of hypermasculine homoeroticism himself: Tom of Finland.

The most comprehensive exhibitions of Tom of Finland’s gloriously glory-hole-driven work to date, Artists Space fills their two locations with Tom of Finland: The Pleasure of Play. With a winding exhibition layout that resembles the labyrinth-like architecture of sex clubs or the Ramble, The Pleasure of Play titillates, overstimulates and overwhelms with Tom of Finland’s seminal subcultural and subversive illustrations.

Tom of Finland, Untitled, 1985, Graphite on paper, Collection John McConnell, San Diego Tom of Finland…

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Islamic State Death Cult Finds Gruesome New Ways to Murder “Spies”: RPG’d in Car, Drowned in Cage, Explosive Collars


*Disclaimer: LeakSource in no way supports the actions of Islamic State. We are a news site dedicated to covering things that the mainstream media should but won’t. We believe that on top of using terrorism fears to restrict free speech, censoring of these videos only helps the process of radicalization. People need to see the barbarity of this group and realize it is nothing but a death cult, and does not represent the majority of peaceful Muslims in the world.




Islamic State militants on Tuesday released a video purporting to show 15 Iraqi men accused of espionage being blown up or drowned. The video, titled “But If You Return, We Shall Return,” was released by the Sunni extremist group’s affiliate in Iraq’s northern Nineveh province.

The video shows the accused men, who each confesses to the camera that he committed espionage against Islamic State. The…

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Burning Books

Of Books and Bugs

18777516955_317332837a_k Creeping Charlie in our yard, sprayed by our neighbor – June 2015

For close to a decade I’ve been documenting the plants and the animals that can be found in our yard, a rectangular lot in the city of Northfield, Minnesota. This is not a grand project, but a small, cumulative task, providing a lot of enjoyment and many surprises. Dragonflies, butterflies, bumble bees, mining bees, orchard bees, leaf-cutter bees, great golden digger wasps, grass-carrying wasps, ichneumon wasps, braconid wasps, stoneflies, caddisflies, soldier flies, gall flies, hover flies, crane flies, tree crickets, tiger beetles, may beetles, fireflies, ground beetles, long-horned beetles, lady beetles, jumping spiders, crab spiders, orb-weaver spiders….the list goes on. Just the number and diversity of moths attracted to a light on our garage astonishes; over a single year, well over two hundred different species visited.

Last year a newly married couple moved in next door. One of the first…

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Hior Chronik ~ Taking the Veil

a closer listen

coverIf you want to know how to do a release right, just ask the divine Kitchen label. Taking the Veil is the complete package: an art book, promoted by lovely videos, and a beautiful CD, enhanced by numerous guest luminaries.  By releasing only a few works each year, Kitchen has continued to produce distinctive works of high quality, and Taking the Veil is one of its best.

The album’s title is taken to heart in Amber Ortolano’s photography.  She presents women “imprisoned by their flow of thoughts and their dark imagination.”  The veil “reveals and conceals,” as do the photos, the music and Reiner Mouthaan’s sublime video for “Simple Is Beautiful,” seen below.  While listening and viewing, one gets the impression of something beyond the pale, outside the limits of understanding.  Flocks form and reform in flight, like momentary fancies or fleeting ideas.  Does the veil restrict or liberate…

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