Hior Chronik ~ Taking the Veil

a closer listen

coverIf you want to know how to do a release right, just ask the divine Kitchen label. Taking the Veil is the complete package: an art book, promoted by lovely videos, and a beautiful CD, enhanced by numerous guest luminaries.  By releasing only a few works each year, Kitchen has continued to produce distinctive works of high quality, and Taking the Veil is one of its best.

The album’s title is taken to heart in Amber Ortolano’s photography.  She presents women “imprisoned by their flow of thoughts and their dark imagination.”  The veil “reveals and conceals,” as do the photos, the music and Reiner Mouthaan’s sublime video for “Simple Is Beautiful,” seen below.  While listening and viewing, one gets the impression of something beyond the pale, outside the limits of understanding.  Flocks form and reform in flight, like momentary fancies or fleeting ideas.  Does the veil restrict or liberate…

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