Directions to East Jesus

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When we pulled up to East Jesus, nobody was around. It was hot, dusty, and desolate. A bicycle wheel spun lazily in the wind making a melancholy clicking. It felt like there wasn’t a single person on the whole flat plain of the desert.

Welcome East Jesus is a patch of desert with a bunch of sculptures on it. The patch of desert happens to be in the middle of Slab City, an informal settlement on the abandoned site of a US Marine Camp in Southeastern California. You get the sense that it the residents are folks who value their privacy, have a sense of humor, and often times carry weapons.

Getting to East Jesus is complicated but not difficult. You have to get to Imperial County first. I had never heard of Imperial before two years ago when I picked up William Vollmann’s book on the county.

Spiral All the…

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Native American Activist Found Dead In Jail Cell After Traffic Fine Arrest



By Counter Current News

A Native American activist was recently arrested and found dead in jail under conditions very similar to those of Sandra Bland in Texas.

Rexdale W. Henry, 53, was recently found dead inside the Neshoba County Jail in Philadelphia, Mississippi, on July 14th. He had been arrested over failure to pay a minor traffic citation.

Local WTOK, reported that corrections officers reported Henry dead around 10 a.m.. But reports and logs reveal that he was seen alive and perfectly fine only half an hour before that.

Reports say that the state crime lab in Jackson are currently conducting an autopsy. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation also says that they are “looking into” Henry’s death.

But that hasn’t satisfied Henry’s fellow activists, friends and family. Just after funeral services were held on July 19th, in Bogue Chitto, Henry’s body was flown to Florida for an independently-funded autopsy…

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Argentina Replaces Columbus Statue with Indigenous Heroine

Aletho News

The statue of Juana Azurdy is a gift from Bolivia to Argentina.

The statue of Juana Azurdy is a gift from Bolivia to Argentina. | Photo: telam
teleSUR – July 15 2015

Bolivian President Evo Morales’ visit to his Argentina counterpart Cristina Fernandez Wednesday will focus not only on bilateral agreements between the two nations, but also South America’s independence history, Cuban news agency Prensa Latina reported.

The two South American leaders will inaugurate a monument to independence heroine and South American guerrilla military leader Juana Azurduy.

The 15-meter high (52 feet) bronze statue has been erected outside the presidential palace in Buenos Aires in the place that a monument to Christopher Columbus once stood.

Festivities throughout the week will celebrate the monument’s inauguration as a symbol of “Patria Grande,” a term that roughly translates as “Big Homeland,” used in Latin America to refer to the integration process in the region.

The statue, which will be Argentina’s largest once officially revealed, was…

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The Underwater Graveyards of Tryweryn Valley, Wales

The Post-Mortem Post

 In 1956, the Liverpool City Council sponsored a private bill that was pushed through parliament which allowed the council to flood the Tryweryn Valley in Wales without the consent of local representatives. The village of Capel Celyn, located in the valley, was one of the last Welsh-only communities at that time; In 1956, the Welsh language was being oppressed both politically and socially by the British government. During a vote for the proposed drowning of the Tryweryn Valley, 35 of the 36 Members of Parliament in Wales voted against the bill, with one abstention. The villagers of Capel Celyn, Wales fought the bill for eight long years. Many residents participated in a march from their doomed village to London in order to protest. In London, a reporter from BBC asked one protester why he wished to save the village when it was not by any means the most important or beautiful community in Wales…

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Sí, nietales: aunque les parezca mentira, Fu Manchú es español. Y desde hace mucho tiempo, no se crean. Todo el mundo conoce que fue San Sax Rohmer quien crease al Tres Veces Doctor; lo que no es tan sabido es la peripecia del perverso mandarín en la España de la dictablanda,  la república  y la dictadura, que hasta que no vino la Transición no fue posible extirpar de la península tan perniciosa semilla. Repaso completo de las andanzas de Fu en estas tierras viene en el colosal “Superhombres Ibéricos” -ese libro que todos ustedes deben adquirir sí o sí-; traigo hoy acá la más afortunada de las encarnaciones del chino en España, acaecida en 1934 en una breve colección de folletines -o pulp, si prefieren el barbarismo- publicada por Editorial Fénix.




 Textos anónimos, que ni hoy sabemos quién fue el autor, dibujos firmados por un tal Esteban que piadosamente calificaremos de brutos y salvajes. En consonancia, este…

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Exhibition: ‘The Naked Truth and More Besides: Nude Photography around 1900’ at the Museum for Photography, Berlin

Art Blart

Exhibition dates: 3rd May – 25th August 2013


Many thankx to the Museum for Photography for allowing me to publish the photographs in the posting. Please click on the photographs for a larger version of the image.




Léon Gimpel. 'The Sculptor' 1911


Léon Gimpel
The Sculptor
© Société française de photographie, Paris


Photographer unknown. 'Act of Headstand' Before 1905


Photographer unknown
Act of Headstand
Before 1905
Silver gelatin print
© Universität der Künste Berlin, Universitätsarchiv


Photographer unknown. 'The 250-pound ranks of the 1st Caulking men's club, Munich' 1907


Photographer unknown
The 250-pound ranks of the 1st Caulking men’s club, Munich
From: Athletics Sports Illustrated Newspaper, 01/19/1907
© Niedersächsisches Institut für Sport-geschichte, Hannover


Otto Skowranek. 'Olga Desmond - Sword Dance' 1908


Otto Skowranek
Olga Desmond – Sword Dance
Gelatin silver print
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kunst-bibliothek


Frank Eugene Smith. 'Adam and Eve' 1898/99


Frank Eugene Smith
Adam and…

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