Here’s how Shaggy would defeat ISIS


Despite the best efforts of governments, militaries, and spy agencies around the world, the terroristic armies of ISIS remain a violent threat in Syria, Iraq, and surrounding areas. President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have repeatedly discussed their strategies for halting the spread of ISIS, as have countless pundits, columnists, and talking heads on television shows.

None of it has worked. And so perhaps it is time we sought advice from elsewhere. Perhaps it is time we begin to consider the voices and ideas of a strategist who lives outside the beltway, and who eschews the Ivory Towers of the coastal elite.

Perhaps it is time we consulted Shaggy.

In a recent interview with the Miami New Times, the pop-reggae star behind “Boombastic” and “It Wasn’t Me” shared his ideas for defeating the Islamic State. Egged on by interviewer Dyllan Furness, Shaggy suggests that if we were to somehow strategically pipe in his music…

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