Uramado Magazine – examples from 1961 and 1962

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Uramado Magazine – examples from 1961 and 1962

Minomura Kou was the editor of the Magazine “Uramado” (裏窓) 1956-1962, after which Nureki took over, being the editor under the name “Yu Fujimi” from 1962 until the magazine’s end in 1965. Hiroshi Urado and Muku Youji were also in the editorial group at Kubo Shoten publishers during the Nureki-years. Here are some examples from number 8 and 11 from 1961 and number 4 from 1962, including a series of poses “without rope”, and a commercial advertisment for John Willie’s “Sweet Gwendoline”…

Publisher: 久保書店 Kubo Shoten.

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TR: Wisconsin Sprint Trip – State Fair, Mt. Olympus, Timber Falls (8/8-8/9/2015)


In the never-ending battle to find new coasters to ride, I often find myself looking at fairs. Fairs bring big rides to towns within striking distance to me, and I like big rides. Call it a weakness if you must. I do like them. But this is a complicated thing, as I’ve done most of the significant fairs within reasonable distance of me. That means I start to get into “unreasonable” distances for fairs. And that’s a challenge to justify to my wife, who generally doesn’t like carnivals. My solution: Just go solo. She’s OK with that. The problem: Single rider rules at many fairs. Solution to that? Have friends.

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Wyoming parks employee shoots 2 men in head, says he was hunting the homeless


RIVERTON, Wyo. — Police say a Wyoming man accused of opening fire at an alcohol detoxification center is a parks employee of a small town who said he targeted the facility because he was tired of cleaning up after the homeless population.

Riverton police Capt. Eric Murphy said Monday that 32-year-old Roy Clyde made the statement after Saturday’s shooting that left one man dead and another hospitalized.

According to County10.com Clyde said he “was targeting transient people regardless of race.” He first went to a park, but did not see anyone “meeting his criteria,” County10 reports, citing a police affidavit.

He then went to Center of Hope detoxification center in Riverside, Wyo., where “he knew he would find people meeting his criteria.” There he shot two men in the head, killing one and critically wounding the other.

Clyde was arrested near the  detox center and jailed on a charge of first-degree…

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Forgotten histories of psychosurgery, and facing our fears

Asylum Science

In 1890, T. Claye Shaw and Harrison Cripps related the case of a male patient at Banstead asylum who was suffering from general paralysis of the insane – a diagnosis now believed to refer to neurosyphilis. Post-mortem examinations of these patients often found large amounts of cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) in the skull, and it was findings like these that could be used to inform treatment of the living patient. Under Cripps’s care, it was suggested that the patient had excess fluid in the skull that ‘was exercising considerable pressure’ and causing excruciating headaches. As a means of relieving this intra-cranial pressure, trepanation was performed – the removal of a small piece (or pieces) of bone from the skull.

A Bronze Age skull showing the marks of trepanation. © Wellcome Images.

In the historiography of psychosurgery, the use of trepanation in general paralysis is frequently absent. Searching index entries for ‘Psychosurgery’…

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#TheSexRadicals, Part 4: Charles Fourier’s Impossible Pleasure

Conner Habib

Each week this summer, I’ll be posting short essays on sexual thinkers (read the introduction to the series here) who have changed my perspective on sex, and who, I believe, could be instrumental in helping us remake Western sexual culture. It will include some bits about my own life, some history, and some controversial claims. Last week I offered up my portrait of genius/madman/lover/fighter and sexologist, Wilhelm Reich.  The series also appears on RealitySandwich.com.

CF Charles Fourier

Impossible Pleasure: Charles Fourier’s Queer Theories

“Often when we are merely enjoying ourselves, we are involved in political processes of the highest importance.”

– Charles Fourier (1772 – 1837)

There are eight billion people on the planet, which means there are eight billion different sexualities.  The closer we get to understanding this, the better our sexual understanding will be.  One problem many thinkers have with sex, no matter how…

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Onikuma – Demon Bear

百物語怪談会 Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai

Onikuma Mizuki Shigeru

Translated and Sourced from Mizuki Shigeru’s Mujyara, Kaii Yokai Densho Database, Japanese Wikipedia, and Other Sources

What walks on its hind legs like a human, is covered in fur, and hauls off horses in the middle of the night to eat? If you answered Onikuma, the Demon Bear, then you are definitely up on your Japanese yokai.

What Does Onikuma mean?

The name onikuma is broken down into two kanji 鬼(oni; demon, ogre) + 熊(kuma; bear). It’s an unusual name for a yokai of this type—the vast majority of magical animal yokai use some variation of bake-, like the bakekujira, or bakeneko. I have no idea why this isn’t called a bakeguma, but it just goes to show that folklore doesn’t follow any rules. A monster bear comes tromping through your town, you get to name it whatever you please.

In this case the word “oni” doesn’t mean that this…

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