Yes, Thai Psychedelia Is A Real Thing

Black Sunshine Media

Thai 3Psychedelic rock is generally thought to be an American and/or British phenomenon. You think “Thai” you think curry and massage.

However, the “psychedelic sound” was popularized in S.E. Asia during the Vietnam War.

Then one day, Dangerous Minds posted the following video of a modern day psych-rock band, Khun Narin Phin Sing from the Phetchabun Province in Thailand.

Thai 2 Thailand’s Queen of Psych, Ros Sereysothea

A handful of Thai psych bands emerged during the late 60s and 70s; some headed up by U.S. and U.K. servicemen.

There is a disappointing amount of information about the scene, especially considering Thailand’s rich cultural and musical history.. According to Wikipedia, the Thai rock genre was spearheaded by Laem Morrison who performed for American soldiers during the Vietnam war. Apparently, he played a lot of Doors covers. Today, Laem Morrison is known as The Guitar King of Thailand. You can check him out doing…

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