The beauty in the beasts


Nature is beautiful. Look around at the green leaves flashing brightly as the sun bounces off them. Look closer and you spot a flash of yellow as a goldfinch nips by. Shake a branch gently and you will be rewarded with dozen of mini-beasts dropping onto your hand: orb web spiders with their stunningly green oversized abdomens; dark brown leaf hoppers staying still hoping they are still camouflaged; dozens of flies a little dazzled by being disturbed as they circle slowly up of your hand; and a parasitic wasp or two, looking suspiciously like a little ant with little wings. At first there was just a tree. As you looked closer you unveiled a rich, vibrant ecosystem.

Our fascination and wonder with animals and plants around us is innate. Children can spend afternoons digging in gardens, watching worms wriggle or caterpillars crawl. For many adults, we may watch our children…

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