JPEGMAFIA – Communist Slow Jams

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NVkQ7pJ - Imgur

The Brighton based label, Memorials of Distinction are re-releasing one of the most important hip-hop albums of 2015. JPEGMAFIA’s ‘Communist Slow Jams’ will be released on a super limited edition cassette on the 31st of July.

Initially born in Jamaica, JEPGMAFIA has since relocated to Baltimore and provides a fresh and unique tongue in cheek critique of white America’s racism and control, the intelligent and scathing lyrics are accompanied by a string of ethereal beats, acting as a calming antidote to the poignant lyrics. JEPG holds a deep rooted anger in his lyrics, something that he expresses in a way that is head on – he claims ‘too much music, when addressing race issues, is “a black person apologizing for being who they are.” Instead, he aims to “tackle it head on in a way I think a lot of blacks feel when they’re angry.” The smoothness of JPEG’s beats stand in…

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