Stan Brakhage – Lecture Notes

Screen Project @ York U

dog star man dog star man

Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspective, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure of perception.

– Stan Brakhage

(Stan Brakhage/Jane Brakhage, USA, 1959, 12 m, col, 24fps)

Notes excerpted from presentation by Jessica Mulvogue @ York U 2012


-“Father of the American avant-garde.”

-made almost 400 films, ranging from 1 minute to 4 hours in length

-Influenced by painting: impressionism and abstract expressionism.

-interested in movement, rhythm, light, exploring ways of seeing and making visible the unseen.

-subjective vision

-themes of life, death, sex, birth, childhood through explorations of daily life, domesticity, family, nature or through abstraction.


Techniques Brakhage developed to change the way the camera produces its image:

-Spitting on the lens or using out of focus shots to achieve…

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