249: Love Divinations

Mountain Man Traditional Healing

There are a whole lot of Ozark love and marriage divinations. All aimed at finding out the name of your love, getting them to come around, then keeping them faithful for the rest of your lives. This sort of divination appears more than any other in Ozark folklore, giving you a good idea of what was really on the minds of most hillfolk.

Here are some good examples from Vance Randolph’s “Ozark Magic and Folklore”:

“There are many ways of determining whether or not one’s sweetheart is faithful. If the fire which a man kindles burns brightly, he knows that his sweetheart is true to him, but if it smolders, she is likely to prove unfaithful.”

“As a further test, he may go into a clearing and bend down a mullein stalk so that it points toward her cabin; if she loves him the stalk grows up again, but if…

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