12/28/2009: The Works of Brion Gysin


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A Different Nature

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Tonight on A Different Nature, a look at the works of Brion Gysin.
He is perhaps best known as a collaborative partner of William S. Burroughs and for introducing him to the cut-up technique.
Brion worked in painting, collage, calligraphic art, sound poetry and writing, but in his life never achieved the recognition that his peers did, despite his efforts latter in life and those of Burroughs, who frequently championed Gysin as his inspiration during what they called their “Third Mind” era.
Perhaps one of Gysin’s most enduring – and curious – inventions is the Dream Machine. Part kinetic sculpture, part spiritual shrine, the Dream Machine was intended to create a drugless high and lead to mystic visions. Gysin hoped it would replace the television in people’s homes and believed it was art taken to the logical apex…

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