Revolt of the Apes

If there’s anything difficult, perplexing and sometimes puzzling about the music of Sun Araw (and we assert that there is plenty that fits such a description), it certainly doesn’t stem from anything we recognize as mysterious.

Rather, we find Sun Araw to be among the music least indebted to mysteriousness – while at the same time finding it at the very apex of musical exploration and elucidation (and, it should be noted, amplification).

Mystery implies that, despite the cosmic quest inherit in everything burnt by the Sun Araw, there remains something unexplained. Whether it’s last year’s “Ancient Romans” or the more recent, Jamaica-birthed collaborative release with M. Geddes Gengras and The Congos (entitled, “Icon Give Thanks“), we find Sun Araw’s music most explainable, knowable and enjoyable.

What we do find in Sun Araw, however, is music with an almost super-human capacity for not mystery but that close cousin…

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