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B. Leedham. Female Nude with Vase 1930s. Via invaluable B. Leedham. Female Nude with Vase 1930s. Via invaluable

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Yann Gross – Rio Napo

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Swiss photographer Yann Gross recently produced a series called Amazon Meanders which features photographs he took while traveling on a medical river boat. The boat made its way up the river Napo, a tributary of the Amazon which goes through the Peruvian Amazon, upstream to Ecuador. It’s an isolated region and the boat provides medical services as well as government contacts.

Yann Gross - Amazon Meanders Yann Gross – Amazon Meanders

Yann Gross - Amazon Meanders Yann Gross – Amazon Meanders

Yann Gross - Amazon Meanders Yann Gross – Amazon Meanders

Yann Gross - Amazon Meanders Yann Gross – Amazon Meanders

I like Gross’s photos because they are well-observed, quirky and idiosyncratic, showing life as it is in the Amazon without resorting to the usual cliches used when depicting the region. See more photos from the series on Gross’s website and also a slightly different edit on Institute Artist.

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Land of Goddesses

I have recently got some nasty comments and emails expressing anger about posting the oracle cards with nude Hindu goddesses on my blog. I ignored them at first but perhaps it is better to explain this matter in a clear and logical way to finish it once and for all. As Michelle from Allo, Allo used to say, Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once.

So here are my three short points.

Primo: writing to me is useless because I am not the author of these images (and I point it clearly on my blog that I post them for cognitive and educational purpose). If you really are so angry that a goddess is presented nude, you should address the painters themselves.

In a very polite way, I suggest.

Secundo: someone wrote to me in this manner:

But u guys need to understand and that…

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The Incirli “Human Sacrifice” Trilingual: Not a Trilingual about Human Sacrifice


First part: Front of the inscription*

Since the text of this incredibly interesting but horribly worn stela is not currently available in any digital form, including books or online journal articles, here is the text and translation, based on Steven Kaufman and Bruce Zuckerman’s careful work (S.A. Kaufman 2007. The Phoenician Inscription of the Incirli Trilingual: A Tentative Reconstruction and Translation, Maarav 14.2, 7–26). This is a very simplified version of Kaufmann’s edition, which should be consulted because it indicates many places where the characters are incompletely preserved.

I present here the front, from which the most text is preserved, along with a translation after his. I present the more obscure and uncertain passages in italics. Later I will add the other three sides and a more original translation.

  1. hgbl z mtn/t tkltʾplsr pʾl mlk ʾšr

This frontier is a gift of Tiglath-Pileser—Puʾul, king of Assyria,

  1. lmlk wlšpḥ mlk dnnym | hgbl gbl

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