From Smallpox-Tainted Blankets to the #NoDAPL Evacuation: The Lie of Colonial Concern

Transformative Spaces

31041325382_7ec884b892_o Water Protectors stand near Highway 1806 in Standing Rock as a police spotlight casts a blinding light in the distance. (Photo: Dark Sevier)

On Monday, November 28, 2016, an evacuation order was issued by the governor of the North Dakota, calling for the end of the largest convergence of Native resisters in modern times. That convergence, known on social media as #NoDAPL and often simply referred to as “Standing Rock” — a place whose history and legacy have now been permanently expanded to encompass this moment in time — has existed in defiance of colonial violence for months now. It is a convergence that has been assailed and slandered in news reports that take the word of law enforcement as gospel, despite the factual evidence that law enforcement has a chronic tendency to dehumanize and kill us. That tendency is the story of our existence since first contact. So is the…

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