January 2017, Day 8, Takekaze v Kaisei

Black Mawashi

Takekaze provides a real treat on Day 8, winning by one of the rarest kimarite (winning techniques) seen in sumo. Ipponzeoi (one-armed shoulder throw) is used by wrestlers only .02% of the time (for contrast, 26% of all bouts are decided by yorikiri), and the last time Takekaze performed it was almost twelve-and-a-half years ago. After a solid tachiai against Kaisei, Takekaze starts off trying to pull his opponent down by the back of the head. When that doesn’t work he transitions quickly into a double-underarm morozashi position, looking for the front of the belt with his left hand to equalize the left-handed overarm grip Kaisei has already secured. Kaisei does a good job clamping down on Takekaze’s left arm and making it hard to get a solid grip, so Takekaze jumps backward. He lands and sets his feet sideways, with Kaisei following closely. The momentum is in Takekaze’s favor…

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