“Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” – Hassan-i Sabbah, Grandmaster of the Assassins


I first heard the quote “Nothing is true, everything is permitted” uttered on the video game Assassin’s Creed. At the time it was just a cheesy line of dialogue delivered rather woodenly during a lofty conversation about…well…the Assassin’s Creed. I prompty clicked through that cutscene and went back to jabbing my Wolverine ninja claws into nearby guards without giving it a second thought.

Months later, I came across the quote once again outside the mindset of dismembering virtual bad guys and the sheer scope of the observation struck me. I googled it’s origin and grew even more impressed.

The quote “Nothing is true, everything is permitted” is rumoured to have been the deathbed words of Hassan-i Sabbah, founder of the Order of Assassins. This was a much feared cult in ancient Iran, infamous for their tactic of carrying out public murders of their enemie’s leaders usually without harming civilians.

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