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We need no swords

soft-shapesChik White: Malform (self-released cassette and download); Soft Shapes (Power Moves Library cassette and download)

The jaw harp must surely be one of the most intimate of musical instruments. Few others require so much insertion of the sound-making object into the body. The reeds of the woodwind comes close, I guess, although only a relatively small proportion of the instrument actually goes into the mouth. With the jaw harp (and related instruments in the Carnatic, Sindic, Sicilian and other musical traditions), a goodly amount of the instrument is held in the mouth, and, indeed, depends upon the action of the jaw, throat and lungs for its sonic character. Odd, then, that the results of this near consumption are such seemingly-alien sounds, a generative stream of rubbery twangs resembling the eternal belching of a giant toad from deep in the rainforest.

Given the jaw harp’s rather esoteric outputs…

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A Black Swan Song For Ren Hang

Filthy Dreams

(Image © Ren Hang) (Image © Ren Hang)

Ren Hang (任航), one of the most recognizable burgeoning contemporary photographers, passed away this week at just 29 years old. Known for his evocative photographs with simple compositions and singular odd elements — exotic animals, unabashed nudity, repetitious visual slips — Ren made desire and openness the forefront of his photographs. Though highly staged, performed and directed, Ren’s work is about the beauty of bodily autonomy as much as it is about the emotional burden of social conditioning. In a world where there are few words or safe spaces to speak openly about the sexual yellow body, the loss of Ren Hang shrouds the soul with gloom. It is difficult to describe the the totality of this loss without oversimplifying his complex narrative or the diversity of meanings he held for different people.

For us, he was an icon, a life-saver, a truth-teller. Ren Hang was…

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Russia: Antifa punk killed by neonazis at The Exploited gig

A 27 years old anti-nazi punk was just killed in Russia after a gig with The Exploited. He was killed by neo-nazis after asking them to stop the sieg heils during Exploited show.


The Exploited deleted the post and released a statement pretending once again that they are against racism so it’s not their fault, but why does this band keeps attracting neo-nazis, racists and other similar assholes ? Maybe they should ask themselves why it keeps happenning to them instead of blaming it again on an extremist-leftish-antifa conspiration.

We’ve been saying for years that this band is shit and is very popular among neo-nazis (search the forum it’s been over talked with multiple facts brought up). It’s not the first The Exploited play in front of a crowd full of neo-nazis, a few years ago a couple of antifascists punks got stabbed by boneheads at an Exploited gig (in…

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Buddhist Quote for the day

My foes will become nothing. My friends will become nothing. I, too, will become nothing. Likewise, all will become nothing. Just like a dream experience, whatever things I enjoy will become a memory. Whatever has passed will not be seen again.

— Shantideva

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The Molten Pour of Matter

Unreal Nature

…  the strength of the Rodinesque forms does not lie in the suggestion of bone, muscle and sinew. It resides in the more irresistible energy of liquefaction, in the molten pour of matter as every shape relinquishes its claim to permanence.

This is from the collection Other Criteria: Confrontations with Twentieth-Century Art by Leo Steinberg (2007; 1972). The following is from the essay ‘Rodin’ first published in 1963:

I had turned ten when Rilke’sRodin fell into my hands, and I still have the book, now held together by a rubber band. The text, which I read word by word, did not strike me as out of the ordinary; it was, I judged, the way grown-ups write about art. But the pictures at the back of the book — the sculptor’s works in sepia-toned photographs, some of them signed across the bottom ” Aug. Rodin” — these were pored over in…

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