What William Burroughs said to me in London

Songs from the Black Iron Prison

I traveled down to London to see William S Burroughs, i was young and stupid but knew i had to have a word about something and i wasn’t sure what. I got lost on the Tube, then caught a bus somewhere strange called Crouch End. He wasn’t at that place but i saw some more strange things. A small clay man in the road, a piece of flat black glass in a Hedge and a broken 45rpm record by Sham 69. Listen to them i did. I walked a long way to a place somebody showed me on a map. Outside there were a few people milling around. It looked like an Art gallery with no paintings, i didn’t see any. There were two dudes at the door peering at others and i crept past them with a group of loud people. Inside i saw a plate of sandwiches. I…

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