Elements of karate in WW2 era combatives 

this karate life

W.E. Fairbairn is known as the father of modern military combatives. He turned his experiences in judo, yoshin ryu jujitsu, boxing, and wrestling; as well as his time working the streets of Shanghai with the police officers, into the WW2 British commando hand to hand system known as “defendu”. More on Mr. Fairbairn here…


What does this have to do with karate? Classical Japanese jujitsu and Okinawan karate(and later variations that moved to mainland Japan) are obviously related. Many of the techniques that boldly stand out in these families of Japanese martial arts were also heavily integrated into WW2 era military combatives programs. Personally I like to think of combatives programs like “defendu” as stream lined karate. Soldiers needed to be taught deadly effective fighting techniques in a minimal amount of time. Drilling elements of kata in the form of simplified techniques(waza)and sparring sessions was the most common method…

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