Russia: Antifa punk killed by neonazis at The Exploited gig

A 27 years old anti-nazi punk was just killed in Russia after a gig with The Exploited. He was killed by neo-nazis after asking them to stop the sieg heils during Exploited show.


The Exploited deleted the post and released a statement pretending once again that they are against racism so it’s not their fault, but why does this band keeps attracting neo-nazis, racists and other similar assholes ? Maybe they should ask themselves why it keeps happenning to them instead of blaming it again on an extremist-leftish-antifa conspiration.

We’ve been saying for years that this band is shit and is very popular among neo-nazis (search the forum it’s been over talked with multiple facts brought up). It’s not the first The Exploited play in front of a crowd full of neo-nazis, a few years ago a couple of antifascists punks got stabbed by boneheads at an Exploited gig (in…

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