Chik White

We need no swords

soft-shapesChik White: Malform (self-released cassette and download); Soft Shapes (Power Moves Library cassette and download)

The jaw harp must surely be one of the most intimate of musical instruments. Few others require so much insertion of the sound-making object into the body. The reeds of the woodwind comes close, I guess, although only a relatively small proportion of the instrument actually goes into the mouth. With the jaw harp (and related instruments in the Carnatic, Sindic, Sicilian and other musical traditions), a goodly amount of the instrument is held in the mouth, and, indeed, depends upon the action of the jaw, throat and lungs for its sonic character. Odd, then, that the results of this near consumption are such seemingly-alien sounds, a generative stream of rubbery twangs resembling the eternal belching of a giant toad from deep in the rainforest.

Given the jaw harp’s rather esoteric outputs…

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