Thomas Gilman at 2017 Freestyle World Team training camp

Thomas Gilman, 57 kg U.S. World Team member, at 2017 Freestyle World Team training camp at OTC in Colorado Springs

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TR: A Walk Through Yesteryear: Boblo Island and Fort Malden (9/29/2012)


I have come to understand and learn a lot about my surroundings since moving to Michigan. I try to stay busy, visiting places throughout the Lansing metro area as well as the surrounding towns and cities. That kind of action is really never ending and something I may end up doing the rest of my life, and I’m perfectly OK with that right now. Most often, when I start to discuss somewhere, my wife knows something about it. She understands the geography and has an idea about the history of the towns around where we’re going. There’s anecdotes and whatnot. However, that knowledge has its limits. North of Saginaw is a total mystery. The “thumb” is somewhere we’ve only really explored by car on one occasion (in freezing temps during winter). And the other side of the Detroit River, in Canada? You can tell me about how Windsor is south…

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Perception Of Landscape in A Journey To Avebury (1971) – Derek Jarman.

Celluloid Wicker Man

Out of all of Derek Jarman’s pre-feature length film work, his short capture of a 1971 walking trip, A Journey To Avebury, is perhaps his most interesting and subtly complex piece of short film work.  These were the early days of Jarman’s experimentation when his work as a painter and even a set designer still seemed to dominate over his purely cinematic interests.  This was of course the same year that saw him design the sets for Ken Russell’s The Devils; a film that wallowed in the historical urbane of human presence and depravity.  Coupling the films together, one appears to be the heady syndrome of a realist whilst the other seems a cathartic escape from populated zones and into the very heart of the green and pleasant hills.

Yet A Journey To Avebury is not a simple home movie.  Its format belies such readings as it was…

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The Commodification of People

Michael A. Katell

Among the many ways so-called Big Data is influencing our lives, quantification and predictive analytics is beginning to play a significant role in how people are selected for opportunities, such as jobs, homes, romance, sex, insurance, and so on, substituting the vagaries of human judgement with seemingly objective and reliable analytic scorecards and labels. The same profusion of data that flows from your interactions with the networked and surveiled world, and which results in all those “personalized” ads you routinely encounter, can also be used to evaluate and grade you as a person. Your daily experiences and interactions with websites, mobile apps, credit card processors, eBook readers, cell-phone carriers, security cameras, etc. leaves data trails that are routinely and tirelessly hoovered up to supply the information economy with the raw material of user profiling (but you already knew that, right?). But beyond the now familiar goal of these activities to…

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Live Combat Sport Schedule: 4/28 – 4/30



All fight cards and times subject to change.


The Battle Muay Thai
Pattaya, Thailand

Main Card – Channel 8 (Thai) – 7:00am ET / 4:00am PT

MX Muay Xtreme
Bangkok, Thailand

Main Card – YouTube – 9:45am ET / 6:45am PT

Fight Nights Global 64: Bagautinov vs Nam
Moscow, Russia

Main Card – Match TV: Fighter – 12:00pm ET / 9:00am PT
Ali Bagautinov vs. Tyson Nam
Alexei Kudin vs. Derrick Mehmenm
Igor Egorov vs. Peter Queally
Ayub Gimbatov vs. Dauren Ermekov
Dmitry Bikrev vs. Maksim Butorin
Eduard Muravitskiy vs. Sultan Abdurazakov
Shuhrat Khakimov vs. Dmitriy Kuznetsov
Zamzagul Fayzallanova vs. Svetlana Khautova
Vladimir Filipović vs. Aleksey Sidorenko
Evgeniy Bondarev vs. Artur Magomedov

Triton Fights 2
Westbury, New York, USA

Main Card – iPPV ( – 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT
Marcus Chin vs. Eric Ott
Alex Oliveira vs. Jason Olcott

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Mbuyiseni Mtshali’s Concertina – Dumazile

Excavated Shellac

Ten years. I think now that we’ve reached ten years of Excavated Shellac, why not experiment with a new look, instead of something that reeks of 2007. I’d like to say something, but I won’t wax rhapsodic, or take some fond look back. I feel guilty enough for the slow posts. Plus, I think I’ve already done enough of that periodically, and really, the most important thing is that it keeps going.

Excavated Shellac speaks for itself. As a 78-related site, it was more or less the first of its kind: focusing solely on global vernacular and traditional music.
There are well over 220 individual transfers to listen to, download, and read about.
Most of the discs here have never been publicly issued before, though a number have since been extensively bootlegged.
The writing is book-length. It’s protected only by a Creative Commons license.
It is not written for collectors…

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menace of feathers: fordell research unit, witchblood, diurnal burdens, downer canada

radio free midwich

Fordell Research Unit – Etches of Pain (Invisible City Records)

Witchblood – Xenie (Invisible City Records)

Diurnal Burdens – Inaction / Extinction (Invisible City Records)

Downer Canada – Ares (Power Moves Library)

fordell research unit

Fordell Research Unit – Etches of Pain (Invisible City Records) C45 Tape and digital album

Have I told you about my eyes lately?  It’s the ordinary story…this old guy keeps gets older, bits keep conking out on me – but my eyes?  I need my eyes!

I’m counting out change wrong, I can’t read a bus ticket at all and now these damn tapes have become a blur.  I need to rummage for my specs for any meaningful exchange between tape gunk and brain dump.

The reason I’m telling you this is, for a few weeks, this was written up as ‘that black tape’ in my note book. It took me a long time to notice the subtle…

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