Getgee: Tools for self-governance Part 1

Heather Marsh



The Getgee project

G is a universal database and trust network which can be used for the most popular software applications today.

Technology corporations have lately become incredibly wealthy and powerful by controlling and exploiting access to the information we all create. These corporations abuse the control they exercise over all of our data, our work and our networks, because they can and because it is profitable for them to do so. From monitoring our shopping and browsing habits to manipulating what mood we are in or whether we vote, these corporations are replacing our traditional governance and media structures with corporate dictatorships that have no social interest and exist to provide maximum profit for shareholders. Their users tolerate this abusive relationship because they don’t want to lose all the years worth of data or the networks of contacts they have created.

In past years, a great deal…

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From The Mountain to the Sea


This project is an insight on the forgotten community within the hills behind Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Northern Ireland (now known as Loughmourne). This surrounding area and beneath what is now a large lake, was an ancient established community which largely relocated in 1702 with the later generations of this migration taking part in the American Revolution.

Some inhabitants did remain behind however and many years later in 1904, Martha Craig who was the daughter of John Craig and Mary Nelson, developed a theory that the earth was at the centre of a vortex, this theory was advocated by Albert Einstein and is a theory that still holds merit in science today. In the same year she set off on a journey to Labrador in Canada where she aimed to experience the Aurora Borealis from out in the wilderness. She then sailed 500miles down the coast to Hudson Bay where she hired…

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Interview with J. G. Ballard, 1997

Being Fully Human

ballardJ G Ballard, (image from Alchetron)

In September of 1997, I had just started my first job out of psychiatric residency at Omaha VA and University of Nebraska. I was keen to continue my scholarly work on creativity, trauma, and healing that I had started with my studies of Jerzy Kosinski and Louis Ferdinand Céline – writers who had lived through war. I envisioned a book examining the lives and writing of a series of authors and I contacted J. G. Ballard for an interview via the post. Life happened and other things came up and I did not get much further on that book idea. (Some of my writing of this era can be found on my webpage in the Coniunctionis column I had written for the on-line journal Mental Contagion). Somewhere along the way, I lost the original handwritten letters of my correspondence with J. G. Ballard, but…

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