Knife ladduh

but dat right side no fun

Da left side slice and dice feet so nice
small price
Maybe lose toes, maybe cut an arch
But you always know you went into da dark with heart

Climb to da top, climb da charts
Tie all your black belts together and jump
Strung round your neck, grasping your throat
Feet pouring blood out into a moat
Judo emote?
Is it remote?
Is there remorse? Did you leave a note?

Lit 101 motherfucker…you forgot that note?
Swing back to da ladder and severe the belts

Origin: Marina Abramovic, Incurable


Charismatic megafauna meat poem 82829

Pain is life brah
Grab the pin
Stick inside
Feel it slide
Ride the train until you die

Is da motive
Charging forward
Kill the stalwarts

If you die? Resurrect.
Stick a needle in your neck

Flush da brain but pain remains
Lifting shit a heavy game

Driving millions and millions of posers insane

Why can’t they get bigger?

Why can’t they be faster?

Cuz they don’t listen to themselves
Just a sack of false masters
Gurus that me you and
Anyone else who
looks for half a second
Can see through subterfuge

Eat the test, smoke the win
Become the world’s champion
Trenbolone take you home
Gimme a gram and bring da sins

22s or 23s
Scar tissue bring you to your knees
25s or 27s?
Motherfuckers sound like heaven

Live this life
Never tie
Only one gets out alive


Who is he?
Some would say no one
Some say grab your guns
Some say “the mark he left on me keep goin and goin”
Are we no one?
Are you someone?
Is any someone out there
Then let’s go have fun
Burn down some buildings

Play in the fire
Choke each other with wires
Tied between our necks close
Am I a liar?

Am I your id? Or am I your ego?
Maybe I is all dem things
Flying high as an eagle
C’mon now we go…

On another rampage
Covered in soot
Takin off our clothes
Now we runnin barefoot

Through the city
So pretty, what we did
Lit up the sky
Brighter than it should

Have been in da first place
Sun losing dis race
Arson fucking burning learning
Knowledge churning

Who are we?
It don’t even matter we just ended it all, see?

Lilith Roman Candle

Roman Candle
Kills beautifully
Willfully aggressively
Thrusting blade after blade after knife in your chest cavity
Engages the enemy
Powerful anger
Burns buckets of tears
Revenge is not easy
A slow build with fear
But vengeance strikes fast
From the back from the black
You don’t see it coming A sonic attack
Grabs your throat
Smack and smash
Make your mind explode first
Your lungs collapse, is that the worst?
Nah not close
She shovin bamboo slivers under your toes
Try to inhale…fail
Your attempt to breathe just a weak flail
She got you now
Defense erodes your androgynous zones
While your world implodes
Roman Candle lights the night and melts
She glows

Prom queen 2014

Prom queen Miss America
Mass hysteria
Do you give a fuck?
If you do I just
Say Fucking kill yourself
Or please adjust
The dial on your brain, it ain’t up high enough
But if you need to finish the job
Say fuck that mob?
Lobotomize your head
Careful don’t shoot dead
Don’t just shoot once
We Wanna hear those shells
Hit the floor, out the door
You the Belle of Hell
Go rain down hatred through tears on that scene
Tear up the screen, the facade is now seen
Through. There is no queen
There is no king
No master no equal be your own fucking thing
Won’t no bell ring
That you ever will hear when you gone so just bring everything
That you can while you here
Give up on bullshit they try to make you care
About. Break mouths.
Bloody knuckles no game no more
They to silence them shouts

Maven Voodoo Cruise

That’s Raw voodoo
dead muthafuckas on that cruise
bash da crew
leave em bruised
passengers you all die, true
jump overboard
water slowly filling you
hurts your lungs
hurts your heart
voodoo give no pity fucks
drown beautifully with dignity
Enjoy fluidity no morbidity
it’s your very last seconds on earth, you free
To see things be how they really be
Not illusory
one more breath would be the epitome
Of momentary prosperity
Perversity of what you feel
Stomach fills
Sternum stretch
Ribs expand
Heart skip
lose command
Chest bursts, maybe first
Time? crime
Too late the blood speaks
Cut the beats
The last release
Le mort petit
Voodoo command you one with the sea

Her irl rly her here hear ill rely hell

destroy them all
rip and shred then watch them fall
In a pool of oily blood, death calls
Their insides spill out to the floor
Staining concrete, staining walls
lioness preys, victims pray
for precious seconds, blood leaves veins
Take those lives, they only came
To act so wrong, to live the same
Deadened brains and leaded chains
Hold them down
They think the same, think they sane
Release them now
smile wide, enjoy and eat their pain