The Shannon Ritch Archive: Gene LeBell vs Milo Savage (December 2, 1963)

Kadowaki Special

I was listening to NPR’s All Songs Considered recently and they were covering a list of the 200 Greatest Songs by 21st Century Women+. That list was part of an initiative that NPR started last year called Turning the Tables that seeks to re-imagine The Canon in a more inclusive way, because The Canon, like most things, really, is very dude-centric. A quick note for those unfamiliar,  The Canon, that is to say the collected works understood, in a very broad sense, to be fundamental in shaping society and culture, is the sort of thing that doesn’t really exist. There is no agreed upon list — it is almost entirely the creation of academics and really only the function of, and fodder for, debate. It is the sort of thing that seems ultra-important in a college Liberal Arts class, but isn’t the sort of thing anyone would ever discuss in…

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Une baguette de merde

Gawan Mac Greigair

This was not formally journalism as such, but a long Facebook post reporting on the first
volunteering trip I made with some friends to Calais, and on how we spent money that we’d raised; it was later published at the Calais Volunteer Accounts blog.

It’s taken some time, but I’ve found some words to say about our trip to the camps in Calais. If you have ever had – or given an appraisal at work, you’ll know the concept of a ‘shit sandwich’ where the manager gives positive feedback, then some critique, then more positive stuff so as not to leave the employee too downhearted about any criticism.

Here, reporting back from our Calais trip, I’m going to do pretty much the opposite. I’ll call it a ‘baguette de merde’. I don’t want anyone who reads this to feel on finishing it, good, satisfied, pleased, mollified, reassured. It wouldn’t reflect…

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Stream JPEGMAFIA’s “Millenium Freestyle”

Revenge of the Persona Non Grata

Leave it to JPEGMAFIA to go from simply angry, educated bursts of hip hop to colonizing pop music every now and then.

Blogs all over had JPEG as, ahem, pegged as his usual tag: you don’t know him at all. One moment he is tackling colorism and racist ideas in politics, the next minute, he is taking time to dip into futurist R&B. Either way, his production continues to be not of this earth.

It wasn’t his first time tackling pop hits as he has covered “Call Me Maybe” on the GHOST-POP TAPE. Now, he decides to freestyle a little tribute to the 90s using interpolations of an arguably “classic” Backstreet Boys hit and a little nod towards Ghost Town DJs as well. It feels all too easy to assume that this is his way of stealing back pop music because “New Edition can’t get rich off R&B, but…

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Red Fawn Fallis Sentenced to 57 Months in Federal Prison

Warrior Publications

Bismarck, ND – Red Fawn Fallis, a political prisoner arrested during the movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, was sentenced today in federal court by Judge Daniel Hovland. Fallis was sentenced to 57 months (4.75 years) in federal prison. She will receive a credit of 18 months ‘time served’ taken off of her sentence, from time spent in North Dakota jails before trial proceedings began. Fallis is expected to serve a total of 39 months in prison followed by 3 years probation.

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Hereditary: Jake Shields and the Two Ray Coopers

Kadowaki Special

Jake Shields-Ray Cooper III isn’t a trilogy, but it also isn’t not.

World Series of Fighting, the spiritual successor to the Professional Fighters League promoted a brother-versus-brother fight a little less than two years ago. It was one of of the more depressing fight in recent memory. On Thursday the PFL is going to put on a truly novel fight, in the same vein. Jake Shields, one of the greatest and most unheralded fighters in history, as far as my extensive(cursory) research suggests, will become the first fighter in MMA history to have fought both a father and his son, when he steps in the PFL cage to Fight Ray Cooper III. These are truly amazing times we are living in.

Jake Shields fought Ray Cooper twice. Ray Cooper won the first fight by majority decision. It was early in Shields’ career, his first fight training under Cesar Gracie. By all accounts…

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