Saint of the Day – 23 April – St George (died c 303) Martyr


Saint of the Day – 23 April – St George (died c 303) also known as St George of Lydda,  Jirí, Jordi, Zorzo,  Victory Bringer – Martyr and Soldier.   St George was born c 256-285 in Palestine and was tortured and beheaded to death in c 303 in Nicomedia, Bithynia, Roman Empire.   Patronages – • against herpes • against leprosy • against plague • against skin diseases • against skin rashes • against syphilis • agricultural workers • Aragon • archers • armourers • Boy Scouts • butchers • Canada • Cappadocia • Catalonia • cavalry • chivalry • Crusaders • England • equestrians • Ethiopia • farmers • field hands • field workers • Georgia • Germany • Greece • halberdiers • horsemen • horses • husbandmen • knights • lepers • Lithuania • Malta • Montenegro • Order of the Garter • Palestine • Palestinian Christians • Portugal • riders…

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(2018.04.04) Hagure IGF International Launching Business


Watch Here:

Date: 2018.04.04
Venue: Shinjuku FACE
Air Date: 2018.04.16

Tag Team Match
Buffalo & Takatoshi Matsumoto vs. Takuya Kai & SUSHI

Tag Team Match
Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei vs. Hideki Suzuki & Keisuke Okuda

Singles Match
Arkángel de la Muerte vs. MAZADA

Six Man Tag Team Match
Kaz Hayashi, BxB Hulk & Shinya Aoki vs. FUJITA, Yuko Miyamoto & Masashi Takeda

Tokyo World Heavyweight Title
Masaaki Mochizuki (c) vs. Rocky Kawamura

Barbed Wire Board Tornado Death Match
Masato Tanaka, Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Hideki Hosaka vs. Kazuyuki Fujita, Kendo Kashin & NOSAWA Rongai

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Tarkamt – live at the Necropolis

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Tarkamt
Title: live at the Necropolis
Keywords: cairo egypt electronic rock experimental indie rock krautrock no wave psych psychedelic synth synthpunk techno Los Angeles
Label: Doom Trip records

Hello and welcome at another episode of ‘reading about music that you could hear with your very own ears.’ It’s quite a silly practice, but isn’t that what life is all about? Time has been extremely limited over at the YIKIS headquarters and the requests have been piling up till the moon, so apologies… but the waiters should just have to wait some longer as this release on Doom Trip had caught my ear! Actually both my ears! It’s a interesting album with quite some variations, worth to check out and go through – the last song will reward your faithfulness. But let’s do a ‘one step at the time’ thingy and chat about the tracks in chronological order…

Chrysalis is…

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The Kraftick Liquefaction Plant

GPTU - 33 / IPP World Wide

Coal Liquefaction Plant with cyclopean Landscape, drawing by Torsten Slama The Kraftick Liquefaction Plant, 36 x 50 cm, pencil, colored pencil on tone paper

“When Germany still strived for complete autonomy and independence of Western influences, coal hydration technology was one of her attempts to realise complete energy independence. Had the hydration plants not been completely eradicated by the end of World War II, their gasoline output would have served Germany’s entire private car fleet well into the 1960’s. ”  National Empowerment through Petrolum (NETP)

Apart from all its pertinence to energy empowerment stratagems, this drawing should be judged on its artistic merits and technical peculiarities. Mixed media technique on tone paper makes for interesting depth effects. The pervading pink motor oil atmosphere is sometimes fought back, at times heightened. Some of the liquefaction towers are aslant. The geological rock formation on which the plant rests seems unstable. Even the thick concrete platform on which all rests cannot prevent warping. Yet maybe…

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Haus am Horn – A System House for the Modern Couple

GPTU - 33 / IPP World Wide

Muche, Gropius, Meyer, Haus am Horn, 1923, Bauhaus, Drawing from 2016, this drawing ©2017 by Torsten Slama Gerorg Muche, Haus am Horn, 1923
(A3; 42×29,7cm)

This house, a monument to the phallic guilt complex of modern patriarchal architecture, lives in a place of rich historical meaning for a certain variety of people. The hypothetical new owners, formers employees of the local financial institute which co-financed the costly renovation and restoration of this model building for the system family, exerting their ownership rights and overriding certain restrictive laws concerning historical hallmark structures, tried to add to the concept by painting the building a strange variety of pink, and placing a gaily painted totem pole of western American red cedar in the style of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest coast of North America on the premises. A nice wooden smell wafts through the area which is repellent to the common clothes moth, tineola bisselliella.

Looking at photographs of the original edifice, one is befallen by…

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Cheick Kongo vs. Andre Tete – Rings Holland: No Guts, No Glory (June 10 2001)

Kadowaki Special

The Foul Gawd™ makes his professional MMA debut.

A French national, born in what is today known as Burkina Faso, Cheick Guillaume Ouedraogo, known professionally as Cheick Kongo, started him Mixed Martial Arts in Amsterdam, Holland in 2001. Years from now historians, scholars, and perhaps even the leaders of all world religions will look back on this auspicious night, where Cheick Kongo graced the unwashed masses, allowing the world to watch one of world’s great masters, in the same linage as Pablo Picasso, James Joyce, and Johnan Sebastian Bach, ply his trade. Let us examine this event, for surely years from now accounts such as this will be compiled and bound into great volumes of history.

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