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The Unexplained Sounds Group is back with a new 2CD release of modern experimental music from India. Stereotypes of Indian music are common outside of that country, perhaps not helped by the popularization of Bollywood soundtracks. While Indian musicians have collaborated with western classical, jazz, and rock artists, there is an ongoing (and incorrect) belief…
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Mahabalipuram – Shore Temple

Kevin Standage


The Shore Temple is one of four primary locations worthy of exploration in and around Mahabalipuram, which include:

The Shore Temple was built between 700–728 A.D, and is so named because it overlooks the shore of the Bay of Bengal. It is a structural temple, built with blocks of granite, and is one of the oldest structural (versus rock-cut) stone temples of South India.


Approached from the west through ruined courts with Nando sculptures placed on the walls, the temple comprises a complex of three shrines. The original sanctuary is a small chamber that shelters an image of sleeping Vishnu, carved on top of a low granite boulder.


This structural temple complex is the culmination of the architectural creations that were initiated by…

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