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Excavation Series 13 – Engelika and Others: Music from Films of Music

Power Moves Label

Enter flutes in hovering polyphony, a perfectly noted interlude, restrained and playing with time, breath accenting tremolo-like fluctuation, like choppy waters or ridged gateways miming the Sepik River, eventually turning to calm, what was sent out to the spirit-world is returned in kind – the meaning in seconds now replaced by the understanding of the natural world seen clearer for the days ahead, the illusory boats regain composure and settle down.

Cut to Ensemble:
Group interactivity catered to song and pulse, percussion by hand as melody to voice as person to persons, another level of communication – instruments mining emotional overlay, things of the past catching up to the future, guessing at what can take place, letting go and coming to, in living figure, in moving picture.

Jake Webster, who records as Tuluum Shimmering (and is a giant favourite of Phong’s and mine), has presented us with a mesmerizing…

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surahs for slovens – küçük İskender

word prism

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surahs for slovens

in the flood tide of the first sound the full moon grew
we were dreaming as we passed through the flaming snake-mouth
in the fat eye was that look, dragging its capilliaries along
dark rage of innerwords, that utter oubliette
that unheard sabotage, inferno, that last blazingblame

we knew, it was wrong to be scared
of the graveyard overhead – – segregation
the smile we winnowed out of passions: deep dismay, and
that incidental paleness. what happened to: my lover! i got lost,
yeah, that night inside the secret passage, the
secret passage that opened onto your soul, the flesh candle
in one hand, in the other my enzyme bracelets.. lips’ curls..
i know, that sometimes this city doesn’t exist
it’s not the ones who left I miss,
but the era I didn’t witness. how can you do this,
you, who say my shoulders are like copper,

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Sonnet of the Wishing Stone by Enis Batur

word prism


If I were rain, and on your earth could rain

If I were a candle, could light your way

If I were fire, could set your bed aflame

If I were a pen, could write on your page


If I were sky, carmine blue

IfI were desert, scorpion yellow

If I were stone, heavy black

If I were water, froth white


If I were a soul, if I could fly, a bird

If I were flesh, if I could swell, the sea

If I were body, if I could blow, the wind


If I were mist, could drop upon you, morning

If I were cloud, descend to your world, evening

If I were a candle, could expire inside you, night.


poet:  Enis Batur

translated: Cas Stockford

at DAM, Istanbul, September 2016

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The ballad of Rikidōzan / Kim Sin-rak



Here’s a little music video / mini documentary I put together a while back. I figured that it actually fits pretty well with the theme of this blog, so here we go:

Rikidōzan is considered the father of Japanese professional wrestling (puroresu). This is a topic close to my heart. The video below basically works like a mini-documentary, so no prior knowledge of this topic is necessary (I think) to understand what is going on.

TL;DR summary: A video looking at the turbulent career of Rikidōzan and the birth of Japanese professional wrestling, culminating with Rikidōzan’s death and his two star pupils launching the next generation of puroresu promotions. I have also made quite a few videos on those two promotions- if you’re interested in stuff like this on any level, check out my youtube channel

I combined footage from various sources like original matches and Japanese TV broadcasts, as…

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