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#KEITHJACKSONMATTERS: The Kid That Sold Crack To The President

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crack address. kennebunkport.On September 1, 1989 two disparate worlds within the same nation briefly overlapped. Then President George H.W. Bush and his speechwriters mulled over what would be the new leaders first address to the nation while vacationing at the Bush compound in affluent Kennebunkport, MA.  Far removed from the shores of Kennebunkport, in the shadows of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 18 year-old Keith Timothy Jackson toiled in the District crack trade, chasing his iteration of the american dream.  As Bush and his operatives searched for a tool to dramatize a forthcoming speech on the nation’s drug control strategy, they stumbled on just the right “prop,” local Spingarn High School senior, Keith Jackson.  crack address. spingarnIn his own admission of events, Bush concedes the “first Oval Office address for a President is a big deal.”  Bush wanted to set the tone for his administration, one avowedly rooted in promises of law and order…

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At the Imperial War Museum (3): Percy Delf Smith’s ‘Dance of Death’

That's How The Light Gets In

Dance of Death war etchings by Percy Smith - Death forbids

Percy Smith, Death forbids, from The Dance of Death series

While in London recently we saw the extensive Imperial War Museum exhibition, Truth and Memory: British Art of the First World War. Billed as being the largest exhibition of British First World War art for almost 100 years, it has needed three posts to do it justice. In this final post I want to highlight a suite of seven etchings by an artist who was completely new to me. The printmaker Percy Delf Smith’s series The Dance of Death, utilises the medieval allegory of the universality of death to express the macabre lottery of life on the Western Front.

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On the anniversary of the “Velvet Revolution,” an international meeting of artists, activists & theorists from diverse backgrounds will take in Prague to discuss & plan strategies & tactics for creative emancipation & insurgency under a global regime of algorithmic control & co-option. Subjects will range from Xenofeminism to Sinofuturism, Accelerationism, Alienism, the Anthropocene, Big Data & the “Technological Singularity.”  The three-day colloquium  will be accompanied by a group exhibition (incorporating alt’ai — Qiao Lin, Paul Heinicker, Daria Stupina, Lukáš Likavčan).

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Kevin Garrido prisionero social asesinado

Radio TV Liberación

Santiago, viernes 2 de noviembre 2018 Kevin Garrido Fernández falleció al interior del centro penitenciario Santiago 1, donde cumplía condena por su participación como autor en la colocación de artefactos explosivos en la Escuela de Gendarmería de Chile y 12ª Comisaría de San Miguel el año 2015.

Es asesinado en prisiónKevin Garrido Fernández, preso político social

Garrido había sido condenado el pasado 5 de septiembre a 17 años de presidio, pena que debía cumplir de manera efectiva.

El asesinato de un joven anarquista golpea el bullicio de las calles engalanadas de la miseria humana, de esta sociedad de mercado.

Kevin el 2016 escribía desde los fríos muros de la prisión una carta, denunciando con valor la cruda realidad detrás de esas rejas y muros opresores. Los hostigamientos de parte de los gendarmes, los mismos que anuncian movilizaciones y exigen mejores condiciones laborales.

Escribo a altas horas de la noche, al menos para mí…

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Forthcoming Attractions: Hans Castrup

Submarine Broadcasting Company

Here in the Conning Tower we’re entering another one of our fabled busy periods; this Friday sees the release of Whettman Chelmets fuzz-drenched shoegaze maxi-single Alas… the Sun is Shining and You are Still Alive (see previous blog post), followed on Monday by a new album by multi-media artist Hans Castrup.

Das 7. Siegel (The Seventh Seal) is a recreation of the soundscape from Hans Castrup’s audio-visual installation, exhibited at Museumsquartier Osnabrück in 2017 as part of its exhibition “Dürer und Ich – ein Künstlertreffen“.

The original work comprised a triptych of paintings, with audio exciters attached to the canvasses, transforming the paintings into giant loudspeakers. These speakers were then fed with two overlapping instrumental loops of different lengths from two CD players. Each day the CDs would be paused and restarted the following day so that each day’s performance would be unique.

While we’re not able…

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Acezantez | Acezantez
Sub Rosa (LP)

Originally released in 1977, this self-titled re-issue is my personal introduction to Ansambl Centra za nove tendencije Zagreb, or Acezantez for short – likely for many of you as well! Croatian composer and instrumentalist Dubravko Detoni (b. 1937) is again seeing the light of day forty-one years after it’s original issue (notably by British imprint Paradigm Discs in 2000). The record brings together an ensemble of five players wielding wind instruments (including voice), piano, strings and even the Glockenspiel. The arrangements are broken into two compositions that run at about twenty minutes each, one per side: Kič-Varijacije/Kitch Variations and Bajka/Fable. Official re-release date is October 19.

From the first note this relegated into a magical, mystical setting, with twitchy bells and animated sounds like a Disney fairy making pixie dust flow from a wand. It’s a sprite atmosphere these musicians create, hard to…

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